Royal Engineer Sapper Postcard

We come to the final part of our mini-series of Edwardian colour postcards this week with an image of a Royal Engineer in his Home Service uniform:

Compared to line regiments, the Royal Engineer’s Home Service uniform was relatively simple. The red tunic has dark blue facings, with gold Austrian knots at the cuffs and white piping at the collar. It is worn with a white Slade Wallace belt and a set of medals for service in the Boer War:

It is worn with a pair of dark blue trousers, piped in red down each leg, and highly polished black ammunition boots:

The uniform is completed by the Home Service helmet, a cork helmet, covered in dark blue felt, with a spike on the top and badge attached to the front and a gold chain chin strap. This offered little protection to the head (but was used as late as 1912 when dealing with rioters as it was better than nothing) but was particularly smart and is still seen in service today by many regimental bands:

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