Royal Navy Tropical Shoes

In tropical climes Royal Navy officers and ratings wear a white cotton dress uniform, much as has been worn for the last hundred years. This uniform is worn with white leather shoes which naturally go with the uniform a little better than black. The shoes themselves are made of whitened leather and are a low parade style:

They are secured up the front by five pairs of eyelets and matching white laces. The soles of the shoes are in undyed leather, but rubber grip panels are inlet into the ball of the boot and black rubber heels fitted:

As they will be worn in hot climates, metal ventilation eyelets are fitted near the arch of the foot to encourage cool air to enter to keep the feet comfortable:

The NSN number, date and sizing is stamped into the interior, indicating that these are a size 9 and date from 2007:

Here a pair can be seen being worn by a senior RN officer:

Similar shoes are worn by officer and men of the Australian Navy amongst others, the design barely having changed since the Second World War.

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