Coldstream Guards No 2 Dress Uniform

Today we are looking at another example of the British Army No2 Dress Uniform. We have already looked at the original and 1980 update of this uniform in previous posts, so today the focus is on the regimental distinctions of this particular example:

This uniform was issued to a sergeant in the Coldstream Guards, as can be seen by the cloth insignia on the arms that consists of red shoulder titles with the regiment’s name embroidered on in white, a single vertical red bar and the stripes of the owner’s rank:

The buttons are of regimental pattern and made in staybrite annodised aluminium:

This sergeant was clearly in the regiment for some time and has the medal ribbons for the GS medal, Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, interestingly though he has neither the ribbon for Afghanistan nor for Iraq implying he left the army before the regiment deployed to either of those war zones in 2005 (Iraq) and 2009 (Afghanistan):

The jacket was originally owned by a ‘Sergeant Murphy’ as indicated by the label inside:

These uniforms are greatly overlooked at the moment, this example costing me 99p with its trousers. This seems ridiculously cheap to me for an interesting uniform, with insignia and regimentally specific buttons. If you were a young collector looking to specialise, trying to get examples of different No2 tunics with interesting regiments and insignia would be a very affordable way of building up a fascinating collection.


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