Post War L-Strap

As has been mentioned on the blog before, production, use and development of the 37 pattern webbing did not end with the close of the Second World War. As well as design changes like quick release tabs on the basic pouches, one universal update was to replace brass fittings with blackened versions and today we are looking at the L-Strap used to wear the small and large packs:

The fittings are black as mentioned above, with both buckles and strap ends in the darkened finish:

The back of the strap is stamped in black ink and shows it was made in 1955 by Remploy:

Note the stores code stamped below. These straps are overlooked by many collectors as is the rest of the post war blackened set as they are not wartime issue, but they were used extensively through the National Service era and by cadets into the 1990s. This is another piece towards this post war set that I have been quietly building up over the last few years.

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