State Drummer, 3rd Scots Guards Postcard

This week’s postcard is a wonderful colour image of a State Drummer from the 3rd Scots Guards in the gold ceremonial uniform used on state occasions:

This image dates to the Edwardian Era, as can be seen by the Royal Cypher of Edward VII embroidered on the chest of his uniform, here partly obscured by his Drum Major’s sash:

The gold state dress has remained unchanged since 1685 and is only worn at events where the sovereign is present. On his head the drum major wears a dark blue equestrian cap:

The tunic itself is red, which has been heavily embroidered in gold. It comes down to approximately knee length and as a drummer he has a red apron with gold fringing to protect the uniform when marching with a drum:

Note the medals which are the Queen’s South African Medal and the King’s South African Medal showing he served extensively in the Boer War.

The tunic is here worn with white gloves, breeches and spats:

As far as I can tell, the State uniform is today virtually exclusively worn by members of the Household Cavalry band and as such is worn with black breeches and polished riding boots. Surplus tunics for the State Uniform rarely come on the collectors’ market and as such can fetch prices in excess of £2000, so these postcards are probably the closest most of us collectors will come to them!

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