Future Army Dress (FAD) Shirt

Around ten years ago the British Army updated its No2 dress uniform so that all ranks and regiments, except the Guards, wore the same basic uniform for formal duties. This khaki uniform was supplied to both officers and men free of charge and included with the new uniform was a formal collared shirt in a pale shade of fawn and available in both long and short sleeved varieties:

The shirts came folded and packaged in a polythene bag with a stores label and barcode stuck to the front:

The shirt has a pair of patch pockets on each breast, with pointed flaps and secured with a single button:

Straps are provided on each shoulder to allow rank to be worn when the shirt is used for barrack dress:

The idea of one uniform for all is emphasised by the label, which expressly states that the shirt is for ‘All Ranks’:

As well as being worn under the tunic of the FAD uniform, this shirt is regularly used as a formal barrack dress, worn with FAD or Regimental pattern trosuers, stable belt and perhaps a woollen jumper in colder weather.

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  1. The ‘straps’ on the shoulders are called epaulettes – I’m surprised that you didn’t know this.

    Good blog, very varied and interesting. Keep up the good work.

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