MTP Bush Hat

The traditional brimmed bush hat remains a popular choice of protective headwear for many British troops in hot climates. It was therefore no suprise that it was issued in MTP camouflage when DPM was dropped. The hat is entirely conventional, with a ventilated crown and a large brim to keep the sun off the wearer’s face and neck:

Metal ventilation grilles are sewn into the crown, and a series of loops around the hat are provided to allow vegitation to be secured here as camouflage:

The brim of the hat is sewn around wih multiple lines of stitching to increase its rigidity and a pair of eyelets are sewn to the underside to allow a chin cord to be attached:

A cord comes with the hat when it is issued, but most servicemen and women discard it quickly as being either an annoyance or not ‘ally’! Also provided but never worn is a matching neck curtain, secured to the rear by a piece of velcro:

Only the least fashion conscious ever wear this! A standard label is sewn into the interior of the hat to allow name and number to be added:

These hats remain very effective at protecting the wearer in the hottest sun and it is likely that there are many decades of further service ahead for the humble bush hat design.

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