Indian Army Ordnance Corps Cap Badge

When I was about ten years old I was taken on my one and only visit to see my maternal Grandfather. Whilst I was there my Grandad noticed that I was interested in the momentos from his military service in World War II and he decided to give me a few pieces, which I still have and treasure to this day. As well as the items from his own service, he also gave me a couple of items from a friend of his who had died without family a few months before. This friend had served in the Indian Army Ordnance Corps as a Staff Sergeant (we have looked at his Long Service and Good Conduct medal before) and one of the items was the corps’ cap badge:

The badge is clearly taken directly from the British Army Ordnance Corps badge which featured the traditional badge of the Army Ordnance Board consisting of three cannons on a shield, with three cannon balls above. The rear of the cap badge has a simple brass slider to allow it to be mounted on a cap:

This particular style of badge had been introduced in 1922 and was to remain in use until after independence had been granted, when a new badge, heavily based on the iconography of this one, was approved in 1954.

The Indian Army Ordnance Corps was responsible for weaponry, equipment and supplies within India and whilst most of its men were Indian, senior NCOs and Officers were typically British, such as my grandfather’s friend.

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