CPRC-26 Radio Pouch

Following on from last month’s post on the Canadian CPRC-26 radio, today we are looking at the associated pouch. The pouch is clearly designed to be compatable with the Canadian 51 Pattern webbing that was in service at the time of its introduction, but it is not technically part of that webbing set. The pouch is made of the same dark green webbing and is sized to fit the radio inside comfortably, with a hole on the top lid to allow the aerial to pass through comfortably:

The controls of the radio, which are on the top, are covered by a deep box lid, that secures with a strap and buckle on the front. This protects them from the elements, but is relatively simple to open to allow them to be adjusted:

One either side of the main pouch, are two smaller pockets, one running the full length of the pouch:

And the other a little shorter:

On the rear of the pouch, things get really complicated. There are two sets of brass c-hooks to allow the pouch to be worn on a belt, either vertically as a pouch with the top buckle, or horizontally across the back. Two large tabs and a 1″ Twigg buckle on either end are attached to allow L-Straps to be attached so it can be worn on the back and finally a second 1″ Twigg buckle allows it to be carried on the shoulder brace ends:

The L-Straps attach like a small or large pack:

Here then is a quick reconstruction (apologies for the slackness of the webbing, but you get the idea) showing how the radio is worn on the back:

I now need to track down the head and hand sets, plus other accessories for the radio, but it goes very nicely with my other post war Canadian kit.

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