British Army Hydration System Cleaning Kit

Water bladders, often known by the brandname ‘camelbaks’, have become hugely popular with militaries around the word over the last twenty years. They allow a soldier to easily take a drink whilst on the march and are much more user friendly on operations than a traditional waterbottle. The problem with water bladders, however, is that the long hose is awkward to clean properly and the bladder, hose and mouthpiece can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. To counter this the British Army issues small cleaning kits that allow a soldier to maintain his water bladder. The kit comes in a small green nylon pouch, with space for the owner to record his name and number on the front:

There are variations to this pouch, with some having a hole in one corner for a retaining strap to be attached. This example has a zip across the rear to allow access to the contents:

The main element of the cleaning kit is a brush, for cleaning the drinking tube, attached to a long piece of flexible wire that can run the length of the tube. This is bendy enough to be coiled into a tight loop to fit inside the pouch:

Accompanying the brush is a set of sterilising tablets to clean the bladder itself:

Finally a small leaflet outlines the best way to clean the hydration system:

As mentioned above there are several variations to these sets and I would like to try and track down the different versions to make a complete set, but in the meantime, this is a great little accessory for the camelbaks in my collection.

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