SADF Nutria Brown Shirt

I have been building up a collection of SADF 70 Pattern webbing for the last few months. However, I have also expanded my collection to look at uniforms and personal kit used by the SADF during the 70s and 80s. The SADF used simple uniforms consisting of shirts, jackets, trousers etc. all in the same nutria brown colour. This colour was chosen to blend in with the brown shades of the vegetation on the Velds of southern Africa. The shirt I have in my collection is one of the later patterns, from the mid 1980s, with simplified square cut pocket flaps:

This shirt is unissued and came folded up, straight from the manufacturer:

It is covered in little stickers from the cutters to show how to put the garment together, and shows it was never worn as these would have been the first things removed by a soldier:

This pattern of shirt has simple, unpleated patch pockets with concealed pockets:

The shirt has two buttoned epaulettes, one at each shoulder:

The shirt is buttoned up the front with small brown plastic buttons, very similar in shape to those used on British and Australian uniforms of the early post war period:

A small, white label is sewn into the rear of the shirt and indicates that it was made in 1986 by Protea Clothing and its official designation is ‘Shirt, Field Dress, Long Sleeve’:

This shirt is really a little late in date for my 1970 pattern webbing, so I still need to find an example of the earlier pattern, but it will do for now.

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