Cyalume Holder

Cyalumes, or glow sticks, were first invented in 1971 but it would take several decades before they became standard British Army issue items. They offer many advantages in a military context: they are small, light, require no batteries and come in a variety of colours. One problem they do have however is that once they have been activated there is no way to turn them off until the chemicals have become exhausted and they fade to black. This has obvious tactical disadvantages so green plastic cyalume holders are issued that not only control the light, but allow the cyalumes to be more easily carried on a soldier’s body or clipped to a convenient stick etc.:

The holder is made of green plastic and pulls apart to allow a lit glow stick to be fitted inside:

By lining up the slots in the inner and outer sleeves the full glow of the cyalume can be seen:

By rotating the outer sleeve a smaller, pin point aperture is available:

Finally the outer tube can be completely rotated to shut off the light completely:

The lid of the cyalume holder has a pen type clip that allows it to be hooked to a pocket:

Alternatively it can be clipped to a cane or similar using the clip on the opposite side, or hung with a piece of wire or string through two holes in the top cap:

Interestingly, many of the cyalumes used by the British Army are identical to that used by the US and have US NSN numbers on the packets. A variety of colours and lengths of glow are available and these are marked on the outer packaging:

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