Border Regiment Cap Badge

The Border Regiment was formed in 1881 and combined the two earlier regiments the 34th (Cumberland) and 55th (Westmorland) Regiments of Foot. The Regiment recruited from the counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, with it’s depot at Carlisle Castle.

The cap badge worn by the regiment took the form of a white metal Maltese Cross, with the regiment’s battle honours inscribed on each arm, a stylised Chinese dragon was in the centre. This was then mounted on a wreath of laurel leaves which in turn was mounted on an eight pointed star and topped by an Imperial crown:

The cap badge of the Border Regiment is a little unusual in having a piece of red felt fitted to the rear so that the Chinese dragon appear on a red field. This can be seen on the back of the cap badge, behind the slider:

This cap badge remained in service until 1959 when it merged with the King’s Own Royal Regiment to form a new unit called the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment.

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