No 12 Target

The British Army describes a target as being:

Targets are the consumable materials struck by shot. They include pre-formed targets and the basic materials for making up targets.

A number of different targets are available for use on British Army small arms ranges, most come in either ochre and black or silver and black to show up clearly against different backgrounds. Today we are looking at a black and ochre No 12 target:

The target is printed on paper and takes the form of a stylised soldier carrying a rifle with bayonet. Two circles in the centre of 240mm and 300mm indicate where a soldier’s shot should hit:

Details of the target type and an NSN number are printed at the bottom of the paper:

The army advised that these should be pasted to plywood for use in solid targets. Alternatively they could be attached to a 4ft square wooden frame covered in hessian, with the target pasted centrally.

Once the soldier has fired at the target, if it is used in a set of rifle butts, the fall of the shot is pointed out with an arrow on a stick and then the holes covered over with black or ochre paper patches redy for the next shots.

One comment

  1. Good article, there is very little on the internet about these targets, still used in 100-200m civilian military rifle competitions today. You should do one on the laarger 300m/yd Fig 11 target next.

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