Indian Army Whistle

Aligarh in the United Provinces of India had been a hub for metal working in brass, iron and aluminium for many centuries. It is no suprise then that the name of this city appears on many metal objects produced for the Indian Army and today we have an example of a barrel or ‘Metropolitan’ style whistle made in the city:

The whistle was made by S.S.D Brothers and as well as their name and the name of the city in which the whistle was produced, it is also stamped up with the Indian Army acceptance mark of a /|\ over ‘I’ and a date of 1942:

Other metal goods known to have been produced by the factories of Aligarh for the military include snail type ‘thunderer’ whistles, bugles, padlocks and cap badges. Even today the city has many different small metal working factories producing a range of small consumer goods.

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