Medical Pouch (Side, Rucksack)

Medical personnel use the bergan in the field like any other soldiers, however it was recognised that it would be helpful to have a specialised medical pouch that could be attached to the side of the bergan in place of one of the detachable side pouches. This medical pouch is rectangular in shape and was produced in the standard DPM cordua nylon as the rest of the PLCE set:

The pouch’s purpose is easily determined by the subdued medical cross on the front of the pouch:

A pair of carry handles are included at the top of the pouch to allow it to be carried as a ‘grab bag’ when detached from the bergan:

The rear has the usual fastening points to allow it to be attached to a bergan, heavy duty zips and fastex clips:

The rear also has a panel to write your name on and a label with stores code and details printed on it:

Opening the pouch up there is a clear, zipped, plastic pouch to hold small items such as plasters, absorbant dressings etc.:

There is also a panel with elastic loops to allow medical items to be securely held in:

Finally there is a large compartment where dressings and other medical supplies can be stored:

The design of the medical pouch changed with the move from olive green to DPM, with the grab handles being moved from the long side to the short side. There is a final variation of this pouch produced in MTP so there are still two more variations to track down.

One comment

  1. When these things were first issued, they came with three mesh “socks” pockets that attached to the velcro lining the pouch. Weird that you never see them anymore.

    Don’t forget that you can attach this to another side pouch (or not) and fit the “Yoke Side Pouch” and “Accessory Straps” to convert it into a daysack.

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