WS88 Set Headset

It has been a number of years since I last tracked down another piece for my WS88 radio, therefore I was very pleased when I finally picked up the headset for this radio earlier in the year. The WS88 is unusual in having a combined set of headphones and microphone in a yoke that sits around the operator’s head so that the microphone is positioned in front of the mouth:

The headset then has a pair of headphones and the microphone, covered in green rubber to protect them from the moisture of the jungle:

The end of the lead has a three pin plug moulded into this rubber:

This then plugs into one of the two slots on the top of the wireless:

The top of the headset has an adjustable canvas strap that sits on the top of the head and supports the weight of both the headphones and the microphone:

The headphones themselves have a soft, black rubber pad to give comfort when wearing them for a long time, sadly starting to get a little perished now:

The housing for the microphone is made of a much harder, green rubber, with a metal housing over the microphone itself:

This then adds another piece to the puzzle, and my WS88 set curently looks like this:

There are still a few things to find, such as the aerial, spare battery pouch and indeed the spare battery, but its taken another step forward and is starting to get there.

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