Late Pattern Australian M56 Water Bottle and Cover

Many years ago I looked at an early example of an Aussie M56 water bottle here, this design did not stay the same however throughout its life and by the end of the web set’s life it was different in design:

The design remained faithful to the original M1910 US canteen carrier, but by this date the quilting down the front had been deleted, as can be seen by placing one of them side by side with the older pattern:

Further changes can be seen on the rear:

Note the two elastic loops, one either side of the metal belt clips:

Further updates were made to the base of the carrier, where three eyelets were added for drainage:

The rear of one of the carriers is stamped up, showing that it was made in 1978 by Cantas, along with a NATO stock number:

The water bottles carried inside these later carriers are both from the 1980s and made of mid-green plastic, together with a metal cup that can slot over the bottom of one of the bottles:

The base of the water bottles has the NSN number and date of manufacture, proving that both these bottles are genuine Australian manufactured examples:

The cup is also marked, along the folding handle:

Despite the changes made to the design of the carrier, it still complies closely with the original description from the fitting instructions:

The cotton duck canteen cover has a felt lining and is attached to the pistol belt by means of two attaching clips located on the back of the cover.

The canteen cover accomodates the canteen. Keeping the felt material on the inside of the canteen cover wet during hot weather will help keep the water in the canteen cool. Keep the cover dry during cold weather, however, as the felt material will give limited protection in preventing the water in the canteen from freezing.

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  1. Hi, I would just like to add that there is a actually a 3rd patten water bottle carrier that was introduced with the late issue webbing that had the fastex clips and was in fact the same carrier as the auscam 1988 pattern except in green. I have some photos of the carriers I can send you if you would like.

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