Traumafix Field Dressing

The standard British Army ‘Israeli’ type field dressing is carried by all soldiers and is a very effective wound dressing. There are times however where medics may need something more absorbant to deal with particularly bad wounds that are bleeding profusely. For this purpose, Traumafix military field dressings are issued:

The manufacturers state that these dressings can absorb ten times their own weight in fluids and feature a ‘pillow’ in the centre to help increase pressure on the wound:

One commercial seller describes the dressing as:

Featuring all the benefits and unique features of the TraumaFix dressing above, the Military version is packaged to allow for the specialised environment in which it is likely to be used. The package itself is manufactured from a waterproof fabric that protects the dressing under extreme conditions. Thoughtful design is evident from the distinctive green camouflage packaging, a colour that is carried through to the dressing itself allowing a serious wound to be dressed and camouflaged simultaneously. A single use, sterile product, carefully designed for a serious job.

Like most Nato field dressings, the instructions are repeated on the opposite side in French:

A notch is cut in one side to allow the dressing to be quickly opened by tearing along this edge:

The NATO stock number, with the -99- country code for the UK is printed along the bottom edge in very small numbers:

This particular example was manufactured in April of 2016:

Inside the packet, the dressing is a conventional design, with the absorbant pad attached to bandage to allow it to be wrapped tightly around a wound:

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