King George V Lapel Badge

Today’s object is a little different to the normal items I cover in that I think it is more likely a souvenir produced for the coronation of George V, rather than being a military item. It does however depict the king in his Royal Naval uniform and takes the form of a small lapel badge:

The badge is oval in form, with a gold painted frame to it. On the rear are a pair of sprung loops that can fold together to pass through a button hole on the lapel, and then be folded back out to secure the badge firmly in place:

It is however the badge’s picture itself we are more interested in and this is a photograph of George in his naval uniform:

The portrait itself actually dates back to 1897 and was a formal portrait of the then Duke of York, in his uniform as a Royal Navy captain taken by James Stack Lauder during a visit to Ireland, as seen here in the original image:

This was clearly felt to portray the requisite regal and military authority and so was chosen for this little lapel badge.

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