Mk 4 Helmet with DPM Cover

Quite a few years ago I covered the Mk 4 helmet with Mk 5 liner here, that example was covered in a fairly standard helmet net and plastic scrim. Today we are looking at another example of the helmet, but this time the original owner has taken a very different approach to camlouflaging his helmet:

The helmet has a base layer made of a piece of 68 pattern style DPM cloth, covered by a helmet net, pieces of scrim scarf type netting and then with pieces of plastic camouflage tape in brown tied to the net:

This is a very different approach to camouflaging when compared to my other helmet, but seems like it would have been equally effective, with a far lower fire risk as little of the camouflage is actually made of vinyl! A large piece of scrim scarf is attached to the front of the helmet net that can be pulled down to act as a face veil:

This would very effectively camouflage the face when in cover and break up its outline. The net and DPM fabric have been pulled tight over the helmet and the liner fitted back in to help secure the camouflage in place, the liner being the standard stockinette covered Mk V type:

The label on the liner dates this helmet to 1977:

This helmet is a lovely example of a personal camouflage scheme put together by one serving soldier. These helmets are still remarkably affordable, despite pushing on 45 years old now and they are great pieces for the collector to track down, being individually camouflaged.

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