SADF Service and Pay Book Cover

Like many other nations, the SADF issued its men and women with a pay book that recorded their service, distinguishing features, details of inoculations etc. These were a paper book, with card covers and so were fairly easily damaged. In order to protect the book, a small vinyl cover was issued, with gold lettering on it:

The gold lettering has faded badly, but it can be seen that it had the name of the SADF in both English and Afrikaans, together with the symbol of the SADF. Earlier examples seem to have been produced in green with a more elaborate national crest stamped on, but at some point the design transitioned over to this simpler brown version.

The interior of the cover has two clear plastic pockets that the covers of the book can slot into to hold it into the cover securely:

This little cover would have been issued and carried by all personnel as the service and paybook were vital identification documents that needed to be carried at all times and presented to officers or military policemen as required.

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