Mosquito Net

The British Army often deploys to hot and humid climates where mosquitos are rife. Men are most vulnerable to mosquitos when sleeping at night, so special mosquito net kits are issued that can be attached to the standard folding camp beds used by the British Army in the field. These nets are supported by poles that slot into the corners of each camp bed, and loops are provided to attached string to help support the net:

Today we are taking a closer look at this mosquito net system. The net itself is made of fine mesh, with nylon panels for reinforcement around the bottom edges:

A series of ties are sewn to the top corners of the net:

It is supported by four wooden poles, that are tapered at one end to fit into the corresponding holes on the camp bed. The four poles are issued in a long thin drawstring bag:

A second, smaller, drawstring bag holds the net itself:

Both of these bags then go into a larger drawstring bag that holds everything together when not needed. It is only on the outer bag that a stores label is sewn with details of the NSN number etc:

The mosquito nets are also good for keeping out other creepy crawlies, as recalled by one soldier who served in Afghanistan:

If you are going to the FOBs they are a must, not so much for mossies, but to stop Camel spiders and Scorpions making their home your bed. There are two sorts the one that just fits over your camp cot and a bigger walk in one that your camp cot goes inside of, when I was there, there was a pile of them in most locations.

Another soldier offered this advice to men not issued with the nets before deployment:

If you haven’t got one and aren’t likely to get one fret not, the outgoing lads will have loads left that you can pinch. Our bins were full of them when we left (With me in the bins pulling them back out to take home en masse!).

Plus the few times we went back in to Bastion to our tents we still put our nets up. All it takes is one of the bastards whilst you’re dossing on and you’re itching for days.

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