37 Pattern Compass Pocket

Amongst the items of equipment produced for the 37 Pattern set was a small pouch in which a compass could be carried by those equipped with pistol equipment. In basic form, this pouch was the same as the ammunition pouch for the revolver, however it had an internal lining of thick felt to protect the relatively fragile compass carried within.

The official manual for the webbing set acknowledges this, describing it as:

Compass Pocket- This is similar in all respects to the ammunition pouch, except that it is lined with felt to protect the compass.

The felt lining can be seen inside the pouch:

It is therefore worth going back to the description of the ammunition pouch as that also applies to this accoutrement:

…It is provided with a box like lid secured by a snap fastener.

Two double hooks are provided for attachment to the waistbelt and on the back a narrow webbing loop at the top and a loop of thin webbing at the bottom, for use as may be desired, as described in the assembly instructions.

The fitting instructions advise the wearer to:

Connect the compass pocket to the binocular case by inserting the horizontal double hook on the back of the case into the loop at the bottom (back) of the pocket. Attach the binocular case to the belt directly central over the brace attachment by inserting the hooks into the loops woven inside the belt. Now pass the top of the brace attachment underneath and through the horizontal web loop on the back (top) of the compass pocket.

(photo courtesy of KarkeeWeb)

One comment

  1. I NEVER knew that the brace was supposed to “lock” that small strap at the back of the pouch!

    There were TWO types of ’37 Patt compass pouch: the type for the brass round prismatic compass and the type for THIS particular bakelite marching compass. The marching compass fits into either pouch – but the brass prismatic won’t fit into the too tight marching compass pouch. When I dig out my storage, I’ll see what markings the different pouches have.

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