70 Pattern Belt

Last week we looked at the 70 Pattern kidney pouches which had an integral belt to them. Despite this feature, one of the key points of the 70 pattern set was to be as flexible as possible so a belt was also available to allow belt order to be worn, instead of needing the yoke and kidney pouches. This belt is very distinctive with a series of female press studs fitted along its length:

These press studs are made of blackened brass, tarnished to green in a few cases. The studs go right through the belt and are very securely attached:

These studs allow the various components of the 70 pattern set to be worn on the belt without sliding around, as many of those (ammunition pouches, bayonet frog, water bottle carrier etc) have a male press stud that mates up with this stud:

The belt itself is very simple with adjustment at one side only by running the end of the belt back on itself and securing with a metal ‘C’ hook and webbing loop:

The buckle is the standard Mill’s type hook and loop design, but covered in the typical olive green epoxy coating of many of the metal fittings on the 70 pattern set:

As well as being worn on their own for a set of belt webbing, these belts were also used as trouser belts, in addition to the standard 70 pattern set, as seen in this illustration where the man clearly has one of these belts to hold up his trousers:

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