Furness Bomb Disposal Camera and Control Panel

The Furness bomb disposal vehicle was a remote controlled ‘robot’ that was a sacrificial tool used to blow up car bombs by placing a charge against the suspected bomb and then blown up to safely destroy the bomb. Parts of any sort of bomb disposal vehicle are pretty scarce, but I have been lucky enough to pick up both the control panel used by the EOD officer and the armoured video camera used to see what the robot can see:

The control panel is a large metal box with controls to move the Furness robot and control the cameras, lights and robotic arm:

The top of the control panel has a multi pin connector that is used to attach the panel to the control cable that ran to the Furness and sent the signals down to the machine to control it:

The side of the panel has more buttons and instructions on how to safely operate the machine:

The opposite side has an MoD data plate:

Opening the back of the control panel reveals a veritable rat’s nest of cables that transfer the instructions from the buttons down the wires and to the machine:

The second component of this set up is one of the armoured video cameras attached to the robot itself. This camera would send pictures back to where the EOD officer is working, safely outside the blast radius. The camera could expect to be in the centre of an explosion, so is fitted inside an armoured shell to protect it:

The base of the camera has a connecting point to attach it to the rest of the Furness:

The lens itself is protected behind a layer of armoured glass with a spotlight above:

Another set of multi-pin sockets are fitted to the rear to allow the camera to be wired in and receive instructions:

I have struggled to find any pictures of the complete Furness bomb disposal robot, but I have drawn a blank. The one thing I have found is a tiny picture of some more of the components of an example for sale, the camera and control panel can be clearly seen here together with other parts:


  1. Where does the name ‘Furness’ come from? Is it a pun from EOD Wheelbarrow as Barrow in Furness is a place where defence equipment has been manufactured for many decades?

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