39 Pattern L-Strap

The 39 pattern leather equipment set copied most, but not all, of the webbing 37 pattern components with equivalent leather ones. The two packs that could be used with the set were left as webbing items, but the straps used to support them were made of leather. These straps are some of the hardest items of 39 pattern to track down so I was very pleased to be able to add a left hand L-Strap to my collection recently. This piece copies the webbing 37 pattern item exactly, but made in leather rather than cotton:

The L-Strap consist of two separate leather straps that attach to a brass buckle to attach it to the rest of the set, the buckle being taken directly from the 37 pattern set:

As can be seen, each strap is passed through the beckets on the hook, looped back on itself and secured with a pair of brass rivets. The strap actually going over the shoulder is shaped to reduce it from 2″ wide over the shoulder down to just 1″ wide where it meets the buckle.

The ends of each strap are rounded off to prevent the leather from splitting and a two inch brass Twigg buckle is threaded through to allow the L strap to be secured to the pack:

This is used in conjunction with the securing tab on the top of the pack:

The opposite end of the L-Strap attaches through the 1″ Twigg buckle secured to the bottom of the pack:

Once attached the combination of L-Strap and pack looks like this:

The L-Strap is definitely one of the harder items of 39 pattern to track down and I am still after a right hand example, but it has been nice to add another piece to the puzzle.

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