70 Pattern Poncho Roll

One of the components of the South African 70 pattern set that was most clearly copied from the British 58 pattern set was the poncho carrier. This was a small webbing roll that could be used to carry a waterproof poncho, rain coat or NBC equipment and was then clipped to the webbing set so it hung at the rear below the belt. The SADF 61/64 pattern poncho roll was a very close copy of the 58 pattern version complete with the pickaxe head pocket. The 1970 pattern poncho roll is very much a simplified version of the design, removing the extraneous pockets which it was clearly felt were not necessary:

The roll itself is just a large rectangle of webbing with a pair of securing straps that go around the roll and tighten to hold the contents secure. Unfolded it is clear how simple this piece of webbing really is:

The webbing straps secure with the standard stamped metal SADF buckles:

A pair of spring slips are sewn on to allow it to be attached to the rest of the set:

The original owner of this roll has written his name and number along one edge in pen:

Whilst NBC kit was not really necessary in the veldt of South Africa, waterproof ponchos and coats certainly were so the poncho roll would have seen plenty of use for this purpose.

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