Auscam T Shirt

The Australian Army issued t-shirts alongside its auscam shirts that could be worn underneath the jacket as an extra layer, or on its own in more relaxed circumstances. Here two members of the Australian Army can be seen wearing plain khaki t-shirts under their camouflage shirts:

As well as these plain t-shirts, examples were printed in the standard dpcu or Auscam print, such as this example:

The base t-shirt is tan, with the camouflage printed over the top. The label indicates size, manufacturer and NSN number:

As ever, Australian sizes seem a bit off when compared to British equivalants. This is an extra large, but fits me pretty well and I’m usually a medium.

The T-shirt comes packaged in a small polythene bag with a white store’s label attached:

I am not sure how popular these t-shirts actually were as I have struggled to find any photos of them being worn, however they are easily available from Australia and not expensive so it has been nice to add this one to my ever expanding Australian collection.


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