South African 1970 Pattern R1 Ammunition Pouch

The South Africans were using the ubiquitous FAL rifle, known as the R1 in SADF service, when the 1970 pattern webbing was introduced. This rifle used small box magazines that held twenty rounds and so, logically, the ammunition pouches were designed to each carry a pair of magazines. These pouches are made of heavy duty cotton webbing in the grey-green shade of the 70 pattern set:

The pouches have a deep box shaped lid, secured with a tab and a single brass press stud:

Under the lid, the top of the pouch is cut at an angle to allow easier access to the magazines within:

The rear of the pouch has a pair of belt loops to allow it to be slipped over the belts used in the 70 pattern set. A single press stud on the rear allows it to be used as part of the belt kit with the alternative full length belt:

The sides of the pouch have cloth loops to allow other items to be carried on either side:

When the South Africans updated the rifle to the R4 in the early 1980s there were still many sets of 70 pattern webbing left in service and a new differently shaped pouch was introduced to go with the 70 pattern set to hold the magazines of the R4 correctly.

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