Merchant Sailor Impression

It is Summer 1942 and this sailor is serving on a merchant ship sailing in convoy from Liverpool to Freetown in Africa. He is nearing his destination and the weather is warming up so as dusk falls he has not needed to don a dufflecoat yet, his roll neck ‘comforts’ sweater being enough to keep him warm in the early evening. A pair of corduroy trousers and rubber wellington boots finish off the ‘uniform’. Wellingtons were frequently used in place of sea boots and the tops have been turned over. He is wearing a Mk II steel helmet and carries a hand held singnalling lamp to pass messages to the commodore of the convoy in the lead ship. His ship has developed engine trouble and is falling behind the convoy so whilst the engineer and stokers try to coax more steam from the engines, the signaller lets the commodore and Royal Naval escort know the situation:

  1. Knitted ‘comforts’ roll neck sweater
  2. Mk II steel helmet
  3. Tan corduroy trousers
  4. Rubber wellington boots
  5. Hand held singalling lamp

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