Morphine EpiPen Plastic Case

Morphine has been used on the battlefield for pain relief and to prevent casualties going into shock since the Second World War. The delivery methods have advanced since then however and rather than syrettes with needles, auto-injector EpiPens are used to administer the drug. These are simple to use and can be injected through clothing so are ideal for battlefield conditions. To protect these EpiPens from damage, they are issued in small dark green protective boxes, which are then stored in a soldier’s first aid pack:

In this image of a soldier’s kit from Afghanistan, two of these plastic cases can be seen in the Osprey first aid kit:

The box has a hinge at one end that allows the box to be opened up to access the EpiPen within:

The end of the box is shaped to allow it to be opened easily even in the heat of battle:

An NSN number is moulded into the bottom of the box:

The EpiPens are obviously controlled items so apart from training devices it is not possible to add them to a collection, the boxes however are easily available and help fill out a medical pack nicely.

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