So far on the blog I have covered the MTP and the Desert DPM versions of the Enhanced Combat Body Armour cover. These were far from the only covers produced and eventually I hope to cover all the varieties for you. Today then we are looking at the version produced in the temperate DPM pattern of camouflage:

This cover is an early example, as witnessed by the pockets for the ceramic plates which lack the corner reinforcement that would later appear on the design:

This early pattern of plate pocket is repeated on the back:

It is worth taking a closer look at the rear of this cover:

Somehow this cover has managed to avoid having the adjustable belt tab on the rear cut off:

This strap was supposed to attach to the belt of the PLCE webbing set to prevent the body armour from riding up. In reality it was soon dropped and most were cut off by soldiers as being an annoyance, so it is nice that this cover still has it in situ.

The vest itself fastens up the front with a double piece of velcro that holds it together very firmly:

Despite the label offering a suggested size:

Some degree of size adjustment can be made by using the straps on the flanks of the vest to loosen or tighten the vest to better fit the soldier:

These vests saw extensive use in training in the UK and although MTP covers are now available, the older DPM covers soldier on with some reserve units for training and rifle qualification purposes.

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