Sniper’s Knee Pads

Sniper’s might expect to spend a considerable time kneeling down whilst waiting for a perfect shot. Unfortunately the human knee is rather bony and if placed on a hard surface for any length of time can be rather uncomfortable for said knee’s owner! Other nations have tried to combat this problem by issuing hard knee pads or special trousers to their snipers with knee padding built in. The British Army went down a different and more cost effective route by issuing seperate fabric and foam knee pads that could then be sewn to a standard pair of army combat trousers:

These knee pads are very simple with just two squares of DPM fabric sewn around a piece of 1/2 inch thick foam:

Even though they are designed to be sewn onto the knees of a pair of trousers, and thus would be completely invisible when attached, the rear of each pad has a standard stock label sewn on:

Quite why you would wish to add your name and number is a little beyond me…

As one would expect, these pads were issued in pairs (the average sniper having two knees), and they came wrapped in a small cellophane bag:

A standard white stores label sticker with details of contents, manufacturer etc. is stuck to the outside:

The barcodes are presumably for use with some sort of electronic stock control system where the logistician just has to scan the barcode to update inventory.

These knee pads are pretty common finds in DPM. I do not, unfortunately, know if they can be found in DDPM or MTP although I would suspect that this would be the case.

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