Indian Army Camouflage Trousers

Following on from the post on the Indian Army camouflage jacket, today we are taking a look at the matching trousers. The fabric is the same slightly shiny synthetic material as the jacket and this has been printed in the same pattern, introduced to the Indian Army in 2006:

One of the most destinctive things about Indian Army trousers is that they are quite short in the leg, being designed to be worn over high leg combat boots. The cuff of each leg is secured with a piece of strong elastic:

When worn, this ensures that an Indian soldier has a very distinctive silhouette as seen here where it is ably demonstrated by some senior officers:

The trousers have a pair of large, bellowed cargo pockets, one on each thigh:

The top flap of each pocket secures with two plastic buttons:

Like the jacket we looked at, each pocket flap is printed with crossed swords and the title of the Indian Army, but here in Hindi rather than English:

Two more patch pockets are attached to the seat of the trousers:

A further pair of slash pockets are included at the waist:

Note also the large, buttoned belt loops. The trousers have a zipper fly and a pair of metal prong hook and loop fasteners to secure the waist:

Like the jackets, these trousers are available in very limited numbers on the UK, and most examples on the surplus market seem to be very small waist sizes. This example is a 34″ waist so is actually wearable and I have been very lucky to get hold of both components in a good wearable size.

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