Irish Army Corporal’s Rank Slide

With a set of Irish Army uniform, I am slowly building up the associated bits of kit to finish this off. One useful item I have added recently is a rank slide for a corporal. Irish rank badges are rather different to what we are used to in the UK, with a corporal represented by two zig-zags. The ranks are embroidered in green on a green rank slide and have a distinctive square border around them:

A full set of the different other ranks’ badges are depicted in this table, along with the Gaelic names for each rank and its NATO equivelant:

This rank slide finished off the shirt I have covered previously rather well:

As mentioned previously, I am not intending to collect too much Eire equipment and uniform, however if I can finish off one set of uniform, headgear, webbing and weapon then I will be more than satisfied.

One comment

  1. Kudos on your attention to detail. However, as one who once wore that uniform and those rank markings (among others) I just want to point out that the cpl’s rank markings are upside down on the uniform. Otherwise, good work…and apologies for the pedantry.
    Incidentally, you and your readers have probably noticed that despite the slightly differing style of rank markings, they very much follow the pattern of UK/Commonwealth use of chevrons and titles. Similarly with the commissioned ranks. The easy way to understand them is to understand the crossed swords substitute for the crown as used by British ranks. Thus rank of major is called commandant and has crossed swords, an Lt Col, one pip and crossed swords, so again following UK/Commonwealth conventions. I mention this simply to allay the confusion the crossed swords have caused when we’ve operated with sister nations either on NATO or UN ops where the crossed swords were thought to indicate general rank…it did raise a few laughs at the time! 🙂

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