Irish Army Corporal’s Rank Slide

With a set of Irish Army uniform, I am slowly building up the associated bits of kit to finish this off. One useful item I have added recently is a rank slide for a corporal. Irish rank badges are rather different to what we are used to in the UK, with a corporal represented by two zig-zags. The ranks are embroidered in green on a green rank slide and have a distinctive square border around them:

A full set of the different other ranks’ badges are depicted in this table, along with the Gaelic names for each rank and its NATO equivelant:

This rank slide finished off the shirt I have covered previously rather well:

As mentioned previously, I am not intending to collect too much Eire equipment and uniform, however if I can finish off one set of uniform, headgear, webbing and weapon then I will be more than satisfied.

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