Arctic Rifle Slip

It seems quite a long time since I picked up any World War II era Arctic and old weather gear, therefore it was very nice to be able to purchase this Arctic rifle slip from a fellow collector and good friend of mine:

There were actually at least two different sizes of these slips produced. This one is for a full length rifle; there is also a shorter example that was presumably for use with an SMG like the Sten. The cover is made of a simple white canvas, with a large flap lid that is opened to slip the rifle inside:

The flap was originally secured with a wooden toggle, sadly missing from this example:

A canvas shoulder strap is fitted to allow the rifle to be slung inside its case. This is sewn around the body of the slip for extra security as a rifle can weigh 9lb and the last thing a soldier would want was for this to come apart and deposit his weapon on the ground:

The length of this strap is adjustable with a brass 1 inch Twigg buckle:

Most examples of these slips seem to date from quite late in the war and it is intriguing to think that they were produced for a planned liberation of Norway that never, in the end, came about. This example was produced in 1944 in Huddersfield:

I am actually quite keen to find a replacement toggle and get this slip repaired as it is a very practical rifle cover for events because, being so lightweight, it folds down into a very small space and can be tucked out of the way in a pouch when not needed and pulled back out to put the rifle in when it is time to go home again.

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