DPM MVP Trousers

We have previously covered the desert DPM version of the moisture vapour permeable (MVP) trousers on the blog. There was of course a DPM version of these trousers as well, for more temperate climates, and today we are taking a look at a pair of these trousers. MVP means that the fabric is designed to have a weave close enough to keep the large drops of rainwater out, but still open enough to let sweat, heated by the body into vapour, through. This sort of breathable fabric prevents the wearer from experiencing the ‘1990’s gagool’ effect where one becomes as wet from one’s sweat as you would be if you just didn’t bother with the rain protection. From a practical point of view, it was probably even more important for the British Army to have an example in DPM than DDPM considering how often the weather can be inclement in Great Britain:

These over trousers are incredibly simple, despite their high-tech fabric. There are no slits for access to pockets beneath and the only points of real note are the elasticated cuffs at the bottom of each leg:

And the waist which is secured by an elasticated draw string:

A standard pair of labels are sewn into the back of the trousers:

Despite the fabric being miles ahead of the earlier ‘crisp packet’ waterproofs, they are still not perfect as one user explains:

You put the damn things on, run around a bit, and the sweat just can’t get out quickly enough, so you still wind up wet, and smelly. 

It would seem then that whilst these trousers are fine for moderate activities, for anything involving high levels of exertion in the rain a solution is still out of reach for now…

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