Balkans Now Beach Towel

It is amazing the number of truly tacky souvenirs that are produced to flog to squaddies. These items usually leave good taste at the door, but a few decades on they become interesting collectables. Today we have a rather wonderful beach towel from the peacekeeping mission in the Balkans in the mid 1990s:

This towel is clearly copying the movie posters from the Francis Ford Coppola movie Apocalypse Now:

The Hueys have been replaced by modern helicopters and the top of the poster says ‘NATO Presents’:

Beneath this is a list of all the NATO and allied countries that went into the Balkans as part of the peacekeeping force:

Apparently these were popular purchases from American PX shops and many squaddies came home with them as a souvenir of their tour in the former Yugoslavia. Some avoided these souvenirs like the plague, others however were happy to bring them back, but few seem to have kept them so they are rare survivors now.

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