Cadpat Helmet Cover

In 2002 Canada issued a new camouflage pattern for its army’s uniforms. This was a computer generated camouflage known as Cadpat. It consists of small square blocks of colour in light green, dark green, brown and black:

As well as standard uniforms, cloth helmet covers were produced for the CG634 helmet, Canada’s standard pattern helmet:

The cover is made of the fabric and is cut to fit around the helmet, giving a secure snug fit.

Two loops are sewn to the rear of the helmet to act as a support for the straps of a pair of goggles:

An unusual feature of the cover is that there is a neck curtain sewn to the rear to help keep the sun off the wearer’s neck:

This can be rolled up and tucked into a pocket on the back of the helmet cover when not needed:

To attach the cover to the helmet there is a black plastic band around the edges of the cover that is tucked under the brim of the helmet:

There are also four black ‘prongs’ that are tucked into the liner of the helmet:

A white bilingual label is sewn into the cover with sizing, NSN etc.:

This is my first piece of CadPat and I will be honest and say that I am thrilled to have finally picked some up as it is a rare pattern in the UK- the next task is to track down a matching uniform.

One comment

  1. It’s not colloquially known as CADPAT, it’s officially known as CADPAT, for Canadian Disruptive Pattern. It was just announced that a new version of CADPAT will be introduced to the Canadian Armed Forces, CADPAT Type J, or “Multi CADPAT”; designed to replace both temperate and arid patterns.

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