Irish Army Camouflage Smock

Over the last couple of months we have looked at the Irish Army DPM shirt and trousers. These were usually worn with a smock, that is pretty scarce. Therefore I must thank my old friend Darren Pyper who has very kindly sent me photographs of his example to allow me to cover this on the blog. The design of the Irish DPM smock is clearly inspired by the British CS95 smock, but has plenty of unique features and is widely regarded as one of the best designs of smocks out there. As with the other items of Irish clothing it is in the nation’s unique camouflage pattern known as ‘paddyflage’:

One of the nicest features of this smock is that it is fully lined, in a plain mid green fabric:

Note also the zipped inner pocket on the right hand side:

The main breast pockets are voluminous and secured with Canadian style buttons, secured with pieces of tape:

A rank slide is worn on the centre of the chest, here for a captain:

A drawstring is fitted at the waist with a pair of sliders to hold the cord in to size:

Each cuff has an inner elasticated knitted portion to help retain heat within the smock to keep the wearer warm:

A small pocket is sewn to the sleeve, most likely for a first field dressing:

A small national tricolour flag is sewn to the opposite sleeve above a small pen pocket:

The smock has a well constructed hood, with strips of Velcro to help adjust it to better fit the head:

This is a very well thought out garment and I would love to add one to my own collection, but for now it has been great to be able to bring you this example, so big thanks to Darren.

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