East Yorkshire Regiment Walking Out Impression

Many old soldiers tried to keep a smart set of uniform for walking out in, even during wartime. This was not always easy and fair means and foul might be needed to get a smart jacket, but the old soldier was a cunning chap and could occasionally persuade the storesman to part with something. The older Service Dress was prized for walking out uniform as with its brass buttons, shoulder titles and collar dogs it looked very smart when compared to battledress.

This soldier based in Beverley in the North Riding of Yorkshire is ready for a night out. He is wearing a set of economy service dress with the brass shoulder titles of the East Yorkshire Regiment. The regiment’s collar dogs of a rose within a star burst are worn on the collar points. He has been issued with an old Slade Wallace belt along with a peaked service dress cap and so looks very dapper and ready for a night in the pub, hopefully with some appreciative company.

As he is ‘walking out’ he has left his puttees behind and just wears the trousers loose over his ammunition boots.

  1. Woollen service dress trousers
  2. Woollen grey back collarless shirt
  3. Service dress jacket
  4. Ammunition boots
  5. Service dress cap
  6. Slade Wallace belt.

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