Indian Army Woodland Camouflage Jacket

In 2006 the Indian Army adopted a new camouflage pattern consisting of horizontal swathes of black, brown and green on a khaki-green background. Items of uniform in this pattern have been appearing on the British surplus market in small quantities and so I have picked up a few pieces to put together a simple Indian Army impression. We will be looking in detail at these components over the next month or so, but today we start off by looking at the jacket:

The jacket seems to be made of a poly-cotton blend, with a higher proportion of man made fibres than we would expect in the UK, with the result that up close there is a slightly shiny look to the fabric. The jacket is secured by plastic buttons up the front, hidden by a fly:

There are two large patch pockets on the front of the jacket:

A single button is used to secure the flap on each of the two breast pockets of the jacket:

Above the right breast pocket is a strip of loop velcro to allow a name patch to be attached. Note also the crossed swords and words ‘Indian Army’ printed onto the flap:

An unusual feature of this jacket is to be found on the rear where there are two tabs and buttons that allow the waist to be adjusted slightly:

Tabs are also used to secure the cuffs of each sleeve:

A small pen pocket is sewn onto the top of the left sleeve, with two small compartments for a pair of pens or perhaps dosimeters:

Tabs are sewn to each shoulder to allow rank slides to be worn if required:

This pattern of jacket is now in widespread use in India. As the third largest military in the world, there are presumably many millions of these uniforms in service, however they are not too easy to find over here so it has been great fun getting a set together.

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