MTP PLCE Utility Pouch

The utility pouch is perhaps one of the most useful items on the PLCE set. Its a large open pouch that can be used to carry a wide variety of items, from rations to waterproof clothing or personal gear. They are also occasionally swapped out with the right hand ammunition pouch to carry linked GPMG ammunition or grenades. As with the other items of the PLCE set, this pouch was produced in MTP from the 2010s onwards:

The pouch uses the standard Spanish fastener to secure the top flap and at the top are a pair of A buckles and a female Fastex buckle to allow the pouch to be attached to the rest of the web set:

A small loop for a paracord steadying line is included on the side:

The rear of the pouch has the usual connections to allow it to be worn on the belt:

We have mentioned the T-fasteners to attach the pouch to the belt before, but it is worth taking a closer look at exactly how this works. The metal t-bars slot into the pockets on the back of the PLCE belt to prevent the pouch from sliding back and forth:

After this the straps are wrapped around the belt and secured with the Velcro and a press stud:

The label is sewn under the top flap and as usual includes an NSN number and date of manufacture:

One old soldier offers new recruits this advice:

During your basic and trade training you may well be ‘actively discouraged’ from setting your webbing up in any other way than your instructors tell you to.

If you’re at an elightened Sqn or once you’re badged, you’ll be free to **** about as much as you like.

I replaced my RH ammo with a utility and then replaced that with a modified LMG pouch just because another kitmonster on my Sqn jacked and flogged all his Gucci gear. It has a velcro and press-stud closure instead of the ‘Spanish fly’ thang that my spazzy fingers can’t seem to deal with.

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