88 Pattern Holster

Its been a while since we looked at any Australian 88 pattern webbing, but today we take a look at the pistol case for this set. The holster is a hard shell design, made in the disruptive camouflage pattern, known commonly as Auscam:

The holster is sized for use with the Browning hi-power pistol, which fits snuggly inside the stiffened shell of the case:

The top flap is secured with a plastic buckle, pressing the button allows the top flap to be easily opened and the pistol drawn:

A spare magazine is carried on the side of the holster, with a top flap and press stud to secure the magazine:

A second tab and press stud is used inside the holster to hold a pistol cleaning rod:

The holster has a simple belt loop on the back to allow it to be worn comfortably as part of the 88 pattern webbing set:

A metal D ring is attached to the side of the holster and I suspect this is to allow a lanyard to be attached between the holster and pistol:

Under the holster top flap is the ownership /|\ mark and a manufacturing date of November 2002:

I have to say that this is one of the nicest holsters I have come across for the Browning, it fits nicely and it is easy to open and draw the pistol from it. The Browning Hi-Power is still in front line service with the Australian Army who have not yet replaced this with a more modern polymer framed pistol:

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