Embroidered Civil Defence Arm Band

A few years back I covered the standard printed Civil Defence arm band here. Today we are looking at a variation of this armband, that is embroidered, rather than printed:

The armband is made from dark blue fabric with the insignia embroidered onto one side of it:

The insignia consists of the words ‘Civil Defence’ in a semi circular arc and surmounted by a king’s crown:

Not all is as it seems however as these arm bands were never produced in an embroidered version. Instead this is a printed arm band that the owner has hand embroidered over the lettering to give themselves a nicer quality version. In places you can just make out the yellow printed insignia beneath:

The difference between the standard version and this embelished armband can be seen most clearly when the armbands are laid side by side:

Its very nice to find a variation of this armband, and clearly its original owner decided that he or she wanted something a little classier than they were originally issued with.

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