This week’s MTP PLCE component is the yoke that supports the weight of the belt and pouches on the soldier’s shoulders. Again like all the other components of the MTP PLCE set, it is identical to the DPM versions but in the newer camouflage pattern:

The main body of the yoke has a large ventilated panel that sits over the back, the open weave helping to prevent overheating:

Two padded shoulder areas come off this back panel and it is these that distribute the weight of the set. They are clearly in the multi-terrin pattern:

Four straps come off the rear half of the yoke, and a further two off the front. To attach these to the rest of the set, as outlined in the fitting instructions:

  1. Thread the two 20mm lower straps on the reverse of the yoke through the two corresponding links on the top of the mid back section of the waist belt.
  2. Now thread the straps back through the 20mm ladder lock buckle.
  3. Greater security can be achieved by tucking the loose ends through the top of the 20mm ladder lock buckle.
  4. The front 25mm straps are attached to the ammunition pouch, utility pouch or the loop strap fasteners.

In actual service the long ends of these straps are usually rolled up, once the set has been sized correctly, and then secured with sniper or electrical tape to make a far neater set of webbing without random straps flying around.

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