Australian Army Terra Boots

The Australian Army has used a large number of different boots ove the years, with designs for both temperate and jungle conditions. Today we are looking at one of the less popular designs used by the Aussies, the Terra Model 3 tropical combat boot manufactured by the Redback Boot Company:

The boots are made from waterproofed kangaroo and cow leather, with nylon panels around the ankle:

The soles are made of rubber and urethane and have large deep cleats to aid grip in slippery terrain:

The size and a /|\ ownership mark are moulded into the instep of the boots:

A pair of breather holes, with brass mesh inserts, are fitted at the base of the upper:

One of the more distinctive features of these boots are the tongues which have a velcroed opening on the rear:

This allows the seperate foam tongue insert to be removed:

This boot was introduced in 2000, following trials in 1999. The feedback from troops was not great with the major concerns being a lack of enough sizing options and a claim that the sole rotted in tropical conditions. One wearer recalls:

They used to be sh1t (Terra’s, made by Redback), weighed a metric ton when wet and were prone to picking up stones by the dozen, but it was policy to make guys wear regardless. 

This wasn’t a universal opinion though, as another ex-soldier had a different take on the boots, although still found them flawed:

Always really liked the terra boot, my only big gripe is their lack of durability, I find I was going through a pair every 6 months when I was playing infantry.

No huge drama on exercise and courses, but I can imagine your boot falling apart mid-operation would be a right pain in the arse – hence a lot of movement towards non-issued boots on operations.

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