MTP PLCE Water Bottle Pouch

This week we turn our focus on the waterbottle pouch from the MTP PLCE set. As with other items, the design of the water bottle pouch is identical to that of the earlier DPM set, but in the new MTP camouflage pattern:

This is a simple, large pouch with space to carry a single black plastic Osprey type water bottle inside, with or without its associated cup. The only distinguishing feature on the inside of this pouch is a divider that allows it to be used to carry a set of mess tins and a hexamine cooker if the soldier prefers:

The pouch has a large top flap that is secured by a single ‘Spanish’ style quick release fastener:

The rear of the pouch has the usual flap to pass a belt through, secured down with Velcro and a pair of press studs:

Below this flap is a loop for a steadying cord and a panel to allow a name and number to be written on. Lifting the flap reveals a pair of T-fasteners used to secure the pouch to the belt and prevent it from sliding along it:

A stores label is sewn into the pouch on the underside of the top flap:

Like all the other versions of the PLCE set, this pouch is made from very hard wearing Cordua nylon. Despite this materials durability, some basic maintenance is recommended and the original fitting instructions offered soldiers this advice:


Please clean your equipment regularly, by scrubbing with hand hot soapy water and rinsing well with clean water so that any defects can be identified as early as possible and repairs carried out. Failure to do so may result in malfunction or breakages when it matters most.

One comment

  1. I notice that in addition using the term “field jacket” (instead of smock), “canteen” has replaced water bottle. When do you suppose these changes took place?

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