Clansman Respirator Microphone

The Clansman radio system was introduced at the same time as Britain was going through the Cold War and the fears of nuclear armageddon were particularly acute. They therefore needed a way of integrating the radio system with the respirator then in use. The Clansman respirator microphone clipped to the front diaphragm of the respirator with a plastic adaptor and a cable ran back to the standard headphones where a special port was provided to plug the microphone into:

I haven’t picked up the adaptor yet so I can’t recreate this full set up for you, we can however look at the microphone itself:

The microphone is in the large black section and an interupted thread is used to attach it to the adaptor. The microphone itself is red and green:

The opposite end of the microphone cable has a male three pin socket:

The NSN number for the microphone can be seen printed around the connector. A label is fastened round the cable itself identifying the component:

To use the microphone, firstly, the Respirator (Gas Mask) is put on. Secondly, the Headset is put on. Thirdly, the Respirator Microphone is connected to the small socket on the side of the Headset, and affixed to the front of the Respirator. Finally, the Headset Micrphone Boom is then stored vertically, out of the way.


  1. When the S10 replaced the S6 respirator it was necessary, due to the change of location of the speech module used by the respirator microphone from the front to the right side, to introduce a new version of the respirator microphone (officially ‘audio gear respirator’) for the S10 as the electrical lead on the S6 version was slightly too short for the S10 secondary speech module, so whilst the S6 version could fit the S10 it would often unclip under strain and, more importantly, it distorted the face piece when worn, which could affect the seal integrity of the respirator.

    Once the S10 version was received units were ordered to make the S6 version unserviceable to prevent reissue, as they are very similar in appearance. I did this by cutting the electrical lead in two.

    Here’s the S6 version (although incorrectly described) A quick identifier is that the microphone insert is just green, rather than green and red; but it is possible to use the S6 microphone insert as a replacement when repairing the S10 version, so it’s not a totally foolproof method of identification.

    Good to see that you’ve given the correct sequence for fitting the headset, respirator and respirator microphone, and ignored the user handbook illustration!

    Whether using the S6 or S10 I found it easier to keep respirator microphones on the respirator or the microphone adaptor (S6) even it was when stowed in the haversack, so you just needed to plug the microphone into the headgear socket when wearing the respirator.

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